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Ill-equipped hospital in Telangana’s Jangoan doesn’t serve as lifeline for road accident victims

Jangaon: It appears as if the authorities concerned do not give two hoots about the Jangoan District Government Hospital. Despite being one of the most important medical institutes in Jangaon, the District Government Hospital does not have the necessary equipment to deal with accident cases.

Shockingly, the hospital does even have functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computerised Tomography (CT) scanners, putting the lives of people at risk. If any road accident victims with critical injuries rely on the district hospital for crucial medical care, their chances of survival are slim as the emergency department lacks even the basic facilities.

After the formation of Jangaon district, the Area Hospital was ‘upgraded’ into the District Government Hospital with 100 beds. The institute is a lifeline for hundreds of poor and/or middle class patients belonging to both Jangaon and surrounding villages in Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district.However, the authorities have been turning a blind eye to its development, leaving scores of patients in dire straits.

When The New Indian Express visited the hospital for ground report, it was found that the CT scanning machine has been dysfunctional for the past one year, and that the hospital does not have an MRI scanner. As a result, poor patients are forced to approach private diagnostics centres in the district headquarters, which charge enormous amounts.

Though the institute is supposed to provide high-level and quality medical care, it is equipped to provide only first aid to accident victims and critical patients.

Even though the hospital is situated in the heart of the district headquarters, God forbid, if any accident takes place, the victims have to be rushed to either Hyderabad or Warangal. This means, accident victims and their attendants have to travel at least 90 km, in ambulances with ventilator support which will cost Rs 16,000, to get proper medical attention.

When The New Indian Express contacted hospital superintendent Dr J Chandramouli, he admitted that the CT scanning machine is under repair. “We have brought the matter to the notice of higher officials. A proposal seeking funds to repair the CT scanner has also been forwarded. But, there has been no response till now. We have also requested the higher-ups to grant funds to purchase an MRI scanning machine, but the State government is yet to take a decision,” he added.