Hyderabad traffic police implement pillion rider helmet rule, impose fine

Hyderabad: Hyderabad traffic police on Friday started implementing the pillion rider helmet rule to reduce the number of fatalities in road accidents in the city.

As per Motors Vehicle Act 1989, riding the two-wheeler without wearing a helmet attracts a penalty of Rs. 100. Now, the same penalty will be imposed even if the pillion rider is found not wearing the helmet.

Apart from implementing the pillion rider helmet rule, the traffic police started imposing fines on those who are not wearing face masks/covers. In order to trace violators of face mask rule, police are using Surveillance cameras and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

Violators of the face mask rule will not only have to pay Rs. 1000 as fine but also have to face charges under Section 51(b) of the Disaster Management Act.