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Hyderabad receives 125% excess rainfall in July

Hyderabad: The rain gods have been extra generous towards Hyderabad this monsoon, with the city receiving 125 per cent excess rainfall in July. As per data from Telangana State Development Planning Society (TSDPS), the city recorded large excess rainfall of 144.2 mm against the normal mark of 38.1 mm.

After a dry period in June when the city was facing a monsoon deficiency, these rains have let denizens heave a sigh of relief. The highest rainfall of the month was recorded between July 6 and 13. The departure from normal in that week was 314 per cent.

Seasonally speaking, Hyderabad has so far received 511.0 mm of rain since June 1, including pre-monsoon showers before the official onset of the monsoon over the city on July 14. This is 218.6 mm more than normal for the season, up to August 2.

In July, all the districts in the State received excess to large excess rainfall. Nizamabad witnessed a record rainfall of 1011.2 mm against the normal mark of 252.6 mm.

According to data from the Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) of TSDPS, the city is likely to continue witnessing moderate to heavy downpours at several places over the next two days.

The maximum temperature is expected to be around 31 degree Celsius to 33 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature will range between 21 degree Celsius and 23 degree Celsius.