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Hyderabad: Niloufer Cafe presents a cup of tea for Rs 1000

Hyderabad: A classy tea made of handpicked tea leaves from a village known as Maijan in Assam is being served at the newly opened Niloufer Cafe in Banjara Hills. The cost of the tea is priced at Rs.1000 because of the uniqueness of the Golden Tips Black Tea.

According to the Banjara Hills branch manager Rajashekhar Reddy, the Niloufer Cafe owners have purchased the Golden Tips tea yield of about one and a half kg at an auction in Maijan for Rs.75,000 a kg. This is the reason why this unique variety of tea costs Rs.1000, he said.

He added that the tea has a different earthly fragrance and a sweet taste. The tea lovers will definitely have a wonderful experience after drinking it, he said. Further, he said apart from its taste, the tea also provides health benefits such as it promotes heart health, decreases cholesterol, manages digestion, and also reduces stress.

Besides the Golden Tips Black Tea, the Niloufer Cafe in Banjara Hills also offers other mouth-savouring teas such as Silver Needle White Tea, South African Rooibos, Moroccan Mint, and Japanese Sencha for Rs.300.

The Niloufer Cafe prime hotel situated at Red Hills in LakdikaPul has now open more cafes across the city.