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Hyderabad man wins award at Gujarat’s Defence expo

Hyderabad man wins award at Gujarat’s Defence expo

Hyderabad: Khaled Bakhtiar, a native of Hyderabad has won an award from Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for inventing a miniature gas turbine jet engine at Gujarat’s Defence expo 2022.

The award was presented to him by the defence minister Rajnath Singh at the Defence Expo where an exhibition of unmanned weapons at the Larsen & Toubro (L&T) pavilion took place during its 12th edition in Gandhinagar in October.

Khalid said that he won this award for his innovative ‘jet engine’, which he made all by himself in three years.

Surprisingly, Khalid does not hold any academic background in mechanical engineering but claims that his keen interest in Physics and machines drove him into making the innovative engine.

Dare to dream is a competition which encourages innovators and start-ups to come forward with innovative ideas and technology in the field of defence, which Khalid participated in.

DRDO Hyderabad also presented Khalid with a cash price of Rs 3 lakh for his achievement.

This is a single-stage centrifugal gas turbine engine. There is a mix of fuel and compressed air which then ignited will produce forward pushing thrust. Such an engine produces about 8kg of thrust and 1,20,000 RPM

Fuel used by this engine includes Kerosene, Diesel, Aircraft Turbine Fuel (ATF), and CNG gas.