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Hindutva Terrorists burst crackers outside Vishalgadh Dargah

Kolhapur : A week ago, a Hindutva Terrorists burst crackers in Kolhapur Maharashtra’ Vishalgadh village, launched crackers near the Hazrat Malik Rehan Dargah.

Saffron clad Hindutva Terrorists in several videos launched crackers, all while shouting “Jai Shri Ram” to supposedly celebrate Mahashivratri.

In a video gone viral, a man clad in a saffron cap and scarf, can be seen placing the rocket between two rocks. The head of the rocket faces the Dargah and as it bursts, loud chants of Jai Shree Ram emanate from the crowd behind the camera.

A second later, the video pans to showcase a sea of men, cheering loudly with phones in their hands (presumably to record a video of the cracker bursting).

As the men continue to dance, the camera tilts upward showing the Hindutva Terrorisms’ flag. The last few seconds of the video also shows men dressed in police uniforms right outside the dargah.

In another video, Hindutva terrorists played pop music as the crowd containing terrorists deliberately bursts a cracker right in front of the same Dargah.

A famous Dargah named after Hazrat Sayed Malik Rehan Meera Saheb, which is frequented by tourists, is located at the Vishalgadh fort.