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Government offers four options to aided private educational institutions

VIJAYAWADA: The Government of Andhra Pradesh on Friday gave another opportunity to private aided educational institutions, who want to reconsider their earlier option. Four options were given to them to choose from as part of the fresh opportunity.

The first option is willingness to voluntarily surrender the entire institution along with assets and the existing staff, which will make the institution a government one without any liabilities and financial burden on the State exchequer.

The second option is willingness to voluntarily surrender the aid in the form of surrendering all the duly sanctioned aided posts along with aided staff, but not assets, which will make the institution a private unaided one.

The third option is unwillingness to the first and second options and thereby continue to exist as a private aided educational institution as per the existing rules, regulations, grant-in-aid code, etc.

The fourth option is withdrawing the willingness given earlier to either the first or the second option and thereby to take back the surrendered staff and run the institution as a private aided one as per the existing rules, regulations, grant-in-aid code etc.

The State government has come up with a policy to facilitate the surrender of willing private aided educational institutions in the categories of degree colleges, schools, junior colleges and polytechnics through separate orders. The GOs 42, 50, 51 and 19, were issued on August 10, August 17, August 17, and September 23, 2021, respectively.

The policy had evoked an overwhelming response and 68.78% of the total 2,249 private aided institutions in the State as on the date of issuance of the policy had given their willingness voluntarily choosing one of the two options offered to them. About 6,600 teaching and non-teaching staff were reported to the government for absorption.

The educational institutions, whose managements have not chosen either of the options or not responded or submitted unwillingness for takeover in either form, continue to exist as aided institutions in the State.

In fact, 702 such educational institutions have remained to exist as aided ones in the State and it is clearly evident that there is no coercion on aided educational institutions in any manner and the entire process of surrender is voluntary, the government clarified.