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Google doodle displays ‘thank you’ message for COVID-19 frontline workers

New Delhi: The COVID-19 situation in India continues to remain grim as the country recorded more than 3 lakh coronavirus infections for the fifth day in a row.

The frontline workers including doctors, healthcare professionals, and researchers in the scientific community have pushed their limits to provide care for COVID-19 patients.

In honour of such frontline warriors, the world renowned search engine, Google has come up with a unique doodle. Google on Monday (April 26, 2021) changed its display in the honour of the health workers worldwide. Google’s doodle displays a ‘thank you’ message to express gratitude to the COVID-19 health workers around the globe.

On hovering the mouse over the doodle, Google shows a message, which reads, “To all the public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community, thank you.”

The vibrant doodle captures the unshakable spirit of the COVID-19 front line warriors and is acting as a hope for the rest of the world. The search engine is known for speaking up in the time of need and drawing attention to the pressing issues.

Earlier, another Google doodle had urged people to use face masks with a message which read, ”Masks are still important. Wear a mask. Save lives”.