Goa homes to get free water supply upto 16K litres per month from today

Panaji: Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has announced that the state will become the first state in the country to supply water free of cost to its citizens, starting from September 1.

Sawant launched the ‘Save Water to Get Free Water’ scheme on Tuesday under which households in the state will not be charged for consumption up to 16,000 litres.

Assessing a press conference in Panaji, Sawant said, “Goa will be the first state in the country to give water free to the people. We are not giving this water to waste; we want to save water to get free water.”

“From September 1, we are reducing water bills. 16,000 litres of water will be given free of cost. From 1 September, 60 per cent of the households will get zero bills. Those living in flats or complexes will be able to utilise the scheme,” he added.

He also announced that small businesses and restaurants will be transferred from the industrial to commercial segment for water billing, due to which, they also will be able to avail the benefit of this scheme.

“Small businesses and restaurants will not have to pay industrial bills anymore. We are moving it to the commercial bill slab, they will be able to save money in a big way. OTS (one-time settlement) has been extended by two months to facilitate payment of pending bills,” the Goa CM said.