Andhra Pradesh

GMC to take spl steps to resolve water scarcity

GUNTUR: As the population of Guntur city is increasing over the last few years, people in faraway areas and merged villages are reportedly suffering due to water scarcity. Currently, the population of the city is around 10 lakh and about 125 million gallons of water is being supplied to the people every day.

In order to resolve the water problems, GMC officials are making propositions to increase the capacity of the Sangam Jagarlamudi Head Water Works. The entire city gets water from Takkellapdu and Sangam Jagarlamudi plants.

The Takkellapdu plant is being used to full capacity. An additional 5-6 MLD of water can be provided to people if the Sangam plant is used appropriately.In 2014, under the Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project, filter beds were constructed and pipelines to some water reservoirs in the city were laid.

Due to the absence of a municipal council for the last 13 years, the Sangam Jagarlamudi plant was completely neglected. During his recent visit, Mayor Kavati Manohar Naidu identified several repair works and water leakages that were causing a large wastage of water. He instructed the officials to immediately prepare proposals for the required repair works and to pass the Bills in the next council meeting.

The Mayor further directed the officials to take special precautions in purifying the water. Tests to check levels of pH, turbidity, fluoride, electric conductivity, hardness, and chlorine are reportedly conducted daily at every reservoir in the city. The Municipal Commissioner and Mayor have been visiting the reservoirs and are inspecting the tests being conducted.

They have ensured the people that necessary action to prevent silica content in the water will be taken and that high priority is being given to the quality of the water being provided to the people in the city.