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Give factual and due space for Dalits, OBCs, Minorities in Brahmin dominated Indian Society: BRS Chief asks RSS Chief

New Delhi / Jan 12 : Sangh is promoting contempt in Brahmins dominated Indian Society by deliberately ignoring Indian harmony, peace, national integration and progressive understanding between Hindu – Muslim in Bahujans Indian Ganga-Jamuni Tahzib Society counters Bahujana Rashtra Samithi (BRS) National President MA Mujeeb.

Mujeeb demanded from RSS to give Dalits and OBCs their factual space in Barhmin dominated Indian Society, in response to allegation of RSS allegation that Muslims have nothing to fear in India, but they must abandon their “boisterous rhetoric of supremacy” as mislead by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

Instead of politicizing India through their proposed blood shed in Hindu Rashtra, Mujeeb advised RSS to follow rule of Law and get RSS registered under whatever act and to be accountable to the nation and her subjects.

BRS President MA Mujeeb asked the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagawat, defacto Prime Minister of India, to clarify its stand whether it intends to remake SCs, STs, OBCs and Most Backwards as Shudras under its behind the curtains promoting Hindu Rashtra to be based on Manusmrithi Constitution as RSS is forecasting to repealing the Constitution of India.

Mujeeb asked Bhagwat to either be a cultural organisation with its registration under any law of land or join the BJP a registered legal entity not to demonstrate without Legal Entity, Mujeeb questioned RSS Chief Bhagwat.

Mujeeb asked RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat to restrain from damaging peaceful and progressive Indian Society. Mujeeb asked RSS to disclose from where it is getting its billions of illegal money and its source of income and how is it disabusing its illegally collected donations.

Mujeeb said OBCs, SCs and STs should have respective private space in governance and democratic fruits are not reaching to these Bahujana communities, demanded for the instrumental position in the State’s Constitutional posts.

“People with such proclivities have always been there; for as long as humans have existed… This is biological, a mode of life. We want them to have their own private space and to feel that Bahujans, too, are a part of the society. This is such a simple issue. BRS is for resolving their Socio-Economic and political empowerment ,” BRS Chief Mujeeb added.

RSS is including Moolavy bahujans as Hindus only to use Bahujans as RSS’s vote bank and to cheat them with the new-found aggression among Moolavsy-Hindus across India was due to an awakening in the society that Moolavasi is at war before foreign invaders innovation of India and in ancient India Mujeeb alleged.

“You see, there is no Hindu society less Moolavasi and RSS has been at incessant conspiracy to evade their advancement as the later believes them as Shudra in Manuwad Brahmin dominated Hindu Society., That too the fallout of the foreign aggressions, foreign influences and RSS conspiracies to downgrade Bahujans as Shudras, It is for Sangh to direct its controlled Narendra Modi Government to carry out OBCs, SCs, STs and minorities Population Census and allocate budget and allot Constitutional posts to OBC and Dalits in proportion to their populations, if RSS is really concern about the advancement of Bahujana societies” BRS national president Mujeeb questions RSS boss Bhagwat.

There are many who have spoken about the OBCs and Dalits social and political backwardness only then RSS woke up started misleading OBCs and Dalits and terming them as the part of Hindu society, Mujeeb said.

At times the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Bhagwat advocates for restoration of undivided (akhand) Bharat to the Moghals times as recorded in modern Indian history, but it was the Bahujan Society whose socio-economic standards were promoted then, but RSS conspiring create Hindu Rashtra to suppress them as Shudras in Brahmin dominated Hindu Society, this sense was forgotten by Bahujans” Mujeeb added.

“Hindu is exclusive Brahmins identity, linked it as our nationality, our civilisational trait a trait that considers everyone is Hindu in the nation strongly opposed by BRS . Every Bahujan never say, their is true moolavas belief that the RSS managers are early foreign invaders. Let us move against the divide and rule policy being adopted against Shudras and considering Bahujans as part of Hindutva,” BRS Chief Mujeeb analised.

“The simple truth is that Hindusthan nomenclature promoted by Urdu Writers, Poets and Urdu scholars, Muslims should restrain from using Hindusthan for India. As there is no mention in Dr. BR Ambedkar made constitution of India. There is no harm to the Brahmins living along with Shudras in India or Bharat… as Brahmins have nothing to fear. But at the same time, Brahmins must abandon their boisterous rhetoric of supremacy. It is among Bahujans who once ruled over this land for Centuries, and Bahujans shall rule again; only Bahujans path is right, rest everyone is wrong; Bahujans are different than Brahmins. Ttherefore we Bahujans will continue to be so; we Bahujans cannot live together those who divide the nation on flimsy grounds of Hinduutwa with Brahmins if the continue to use Bahujans as Shudras and Brahmins must abandon this narrative. In fact, all those who live here and Brahmins must give up their alleged logic of Hindutwa or forget chanting India or Bharat as Hindustan,” the BRS chief said to BRS mouth piece Indian White Paper.

Mujeeb alleged that the RSS’ being unlawful, un registered organization while being religious fundamentalist organization should not divert the attention of Bahujans from their basic needs of Roti, Kapda and Makaan issues by misleading that RSS is cultural organization, RSS should restrain from remotely controlling the Narendra Modi Government’s political issues.

“The only difference is, earlier Swayamsevaks were not in positions of political power for the reasons none of its rank and file participated in India’s Independence but they works as traitors of the nation in getting the freedom fighters including Asfaqulla Khan and Ram Prasad Bismil and other prominent freedom fighters caught and hanged by Britishers.” BRS Chief alleged.

But people forget that it is the Swayamsevaks who were traitors in Independence struggle, have reached certain political positions by abusing Lord Ram through its political hand the BJP. Sanghies being once traitors of the nation being informers of Britishers have no locus standi to talk or promote national harmony, peace, development as till date many Bahujan societies are deprived of equality on par with Brahmin Samaj,”Mujeeb added

“However, whatever Swayamsevaks do in politics, Sangh is held accountable for the same. Even if we are not implicated directly by others, there is certainly some accountability as ultimately it is in the Sangh where Swayamsevaks are traitors. As Bhagwat recalled that the Sangh was earlier seen with contempt, I say its continues to be same till today. Therefore, Sangh forget to think that its relationship with Bahujans will be cordial, which things Sanghies can not pursue larger interest of the nation with aby diligence,” BRS Chief alleged.

“The thorns that Sanghies encountered earlier on the road can not change their basic character. As in the past, Sanghies had to brave the thorns of opposition with contempt the same situation continued for them with power favour but the new-found grabbing of power by abusing Lord Ram is not acceptable to Bahujans as Sangh can not bring any resources, convenience and abundance in continuation of their national foes,” BRS Chief said.