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GHMC sets ambitious plan to develop Indira Park to International standards

Hyderabad: In a bid to enhance the recreational offerings at Indira Park, one of the city’s popular parks catering to people of all ages and backgrounds, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) have devised a comprehensive plan. This plan entails the construction of a shaded walking corridor alongside the existing cycling track within Indira Park premises.

The proposed corridor and cycling track will encompass the park’s expansive area, further enriching the park experience for visitors. Notably, two years ago, the government established the Panchatatva Park within Indira Park, featuring therapeutic walking trails for treating various ailments. To further develop Indira Park, recognized as one of the largest parks in Hyderabad, the state government has decided to construct a dedicated cycling track and a sheltered walking corridor.

With the aim of transforming the 176-acre park into an internationally acclaimed green space, State Minister K.T. Rama Rao has instructed officials from the Municipal Administration Department to expedite the park’s development. In addition to the cycling track, suggestions have been sought for the creation of a shaded corridor. The minister has also directed the provision of essential amenities for tourists and visitors exploring the park.

Sources indicate that the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation will not only focus on the construction of the cycling track but also take steps to enhance the children’s play area and ensure the growth of the existing Panchatatva Park. Special Chief Secretary of the Municipal Administration Department, Arvind Kumar, has reportedly instructed officials from GHMC and HMDA to commence planning and preparations for tendering processes.

Considering the limited availability of cycling tracks on the narrow city roads, the government has taken the initiative to develop new cycling tracks and walking corridors within spacious parks. This will enable individuals to cycle and walk in a serene and pollution-free environment.

As the plans for the expansion and enrichment of Indira Park take shape, the GHMC and HMDA are committed to providing residents and visitors with exceptional recreational amenities as per International standards and a refreshing natural setting.