Agriculture Andhra Pradesh

Farmers must be made aware of fake seeds: Andhra Pradesh agriculture department official

GUNTUR: In the past few weeks, agriculture department officials have been conducting surprise raids on seed and fertiliser shops across the district. As a part of it, the officials conducted raids on Mirchi nurseries in Krosuru, Atchampet. The owners have been selling fake seeds to the farmers.

JD Vijaya Bharati said despite strict measures being taken by the officials, fake seeds are being sold in the market. To prevent this, the farmers need to be made aware about them at local RBKs along with pre-tested seeds at subsidy rates.

She said the farmers should be careful, while buying the seeds and also check the dealership of the owners and take a receipt for their purchase. She said the farmers, who were sold fake seeds in Krosuru and Atchampet mandals, should contact the local officers for help. The shop dealers, should maintain records of every purchase, she ordered.