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Family doctor concept gets good response in Tirupati district

Tirupati: Family doctor concept launched by the State government on October 21 this year, has become useful especially for the rural population. The people are hailing the medical services which have been made available at their doorstep under the new initiative.

During the first three weeks after launching the programme, 21,690 people got OP services through 104 mobile medical units (MMUs). The family doctor concept is being implemented in the district as a pilot project, now aiming to provide medical services at the doorstep to 2,000 people every month.

The idea is to make two visits per month under the limits of each secretariat. Under the new initiative, patient data is being digitised in the app. The details of family members and other details will be uploaded in the app. With this, entire health data of people will be readily available whenever required.

Doctors conduct tests to people at the time of visiting their homes at the lab in 104 MMU in which 14 types of blood tests are available. Depending on the condition of patient, the doctor will recommend the tests required. Based on the reports and patient’s condition, medicines are being distributed to them immediately for which 67 medicines have been made available.

These medical records are also digitised and uploaded in the Central government’s Ayushman Bharath digital mission through their health ID. In the first three weeks of the programme, 33 vehicles of 104 MMUs, the medical teams have visited 759 villages in Tirupati district and provided 21,690 OP services.

Medical services were also provided to 402 patients who could not come out of their homes and to 616 people who are ailing with chronic diseases and those having age related issues.

Dr R Pavithra, working at Daminedu PHC, said that they have provided family doctor services for 23 days so far. While they provide OP services in the forenoon session, in the afternoon services are being extended to Anganwadi children and those staying at their homes after getting treatment under Aarogyasri.

District nodal officer of family doctor concept Dr C Hanumantha Rao said that intimation will be given to the villagers one week in advance about the medical services vehicle’s visit to their village. Medicines will be given to them after tests are conducted for non-communicable diseases.