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Facial recognition sys to prevent touts: TTD EO

TIRUPATI: A day after authorities at Sri Venkateswara temple atop Tirumala in Tirupati introduced Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) for darshan on an experimental basis, TTD Executive Officer AV Dharma Reddy said that the move would help bringing down the interference of middlemen and touts and introduce transparency in tokenless darshan and allotment of rooms providing more effective services to the multitude of visiting pilgrims at Tirumala.

Dharma Reddy who reviewed the functioning of Face Recognition Technology on Thursday, inspected the ARP, CRO, MBC 34, SMC, TBC sub-enquiry offices where rooms were being allotted. Speaking to mediapersons, the EO said that this technology would enhance transparency in darshan, laddu counters and refund centres.

“With FRT, the rotation of rooms shall be completely avoided and transparency can be brought in the allotment of rooms to devotees,” he added.

Dharma Reddy said the functioning of the new technology would be monitored for another 15 days. He also emphasised that with the new technology the time for getting an accommodation would come down.