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Excited about Delhi’s Ramleela? Know important updates, guidelines, and entry requirements

New Delhi: Each year, as evenings lengthen and nights filled with the sweet smell of the ‘saptaparni’ tree, grounds big and small across north India come alive with the sights and sounds of the Ramayana being staged for rapt audiences. Ramleela is one of the most famous and celebrated cultural events. The show is now all ready to make a comeback this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Ramleela will be performed in the month of October and preparations have begun in the national capital. Those who have taken two doses of the coronavirus vaccine will be enacting the play.

The coronavirus protocols are being followed and viewers with proper vaccination certificates will only be allowed to watch the play.

As the cases were extremely high last year, the Ramleela play was not performed at Red Fort. This year, the event will take place with all necessary guidelines. Luv Kush Ramleela Committee on Sunday (July 11) launched 40 songs especially composed for the event. Music director Sankar Sahani and singer Dharmendra were present at the launch event.

Luv Kush Ramleela Committee Chief Ashok Agrawal and Minister Arjun Kumar stated that the Ramleela event will take place from October 6 to 16 October. Ramleela the dance drama will take place for ten days. There will be more than 40 songs depicting the scenes.