Education should not be religion based

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The education system in the world should be based on common sense and scientific knowledge and not on religion. What India need is an education of values, not based on any religion, but based on common sense and scientific knowledge.

India is the only country that can bring together modern education and ancient Indian knowledge. This is needed to deal with the destructive emotions in the world. So what is being started in India schools can have an impact on the whole world.

The curriculum, with a focus on meditation and mental exercise, human values, is designed with the aim to make students not only good humans who will spread happiness but also relaxed professionals who will not indulge in corruption.

The daily Happiness Class of 45 minutes will include mindfulness practice, gratitude, morals and value-based stories and activities.

The curriculum has been launched for over 1,000 government schools and will help improve the lives of about eight lakh students studying between Nursery and Class 8. The levels of happiness and well being are going down while stress, anxiety and depression are increasing.

It is going to be the most important development in the education system with focus on good mental health, character and resilience. It will address the ever-growing concern levels of happiness and well being.

A child’s mental well being is important. Happier children learn more, cope better and are much more likely to make the most of their potential. It will completely transform the modern education system.

This should have been done 100-150 years ago. We forgot the real meaning of education. Our education system only generates clerks and failed in making kids better humans.

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