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Easter 2021: History, significance and celebration

New Delhi: Easter is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after he was crucified by Romans at Calvary in 30 AD on a Friday (Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Christ).

Each year devout Christians, celebrate Easter with their families by attending church services followed by a scrumptious Easter lunch.

History of Easter: Among Christians it is believed that on the third day of Jesus Christ crucifixion, he was resurrected by God – marking the victory of good over evil.The auspicious day of Easter comes after 40 days of the Christian Lent month. The period of Lent is a spiritual time when devotees fast, do penance and try to attain closeness to the almighty.

The week before Easter is specially auspicious and is called the Holy Week and ends on Easter.

Significance of Easter: Many Christians believe that Easter is even more important than Christmas despite the latter getting all the limelight. Easter signifies unending mercy and love of Christ towards humanity. He willingly agreed to be crucified for the sins of humankind and his resurrection is a sign of mercy and hope and goodness.

Easter celebration generally includes Church services followed by an Ester lunch. The festival is celebrated with cutely decorated Easter eggs – that can be both edible and inedible. The use of eggs has a special significance on Easter.

Eggs are supposed to symbolize life and birth and on Easter signify the resurrection of Christ from his tomb.

Easter bunnies, who deliver Easter eggs to kids are also a popular part of the celebration. However, there is no direct religious connotation of bunnies and Easter. Their use in the festival is said to have come from pagan influences in which bunny symbolizes fertility.

Depending upon which corner of the world you reside, there will be some specific cultural influences that play a part in how the festival is celebrated.This year due to the Coronavirus pandamic, people are having an intimate Easter celebr