District & Session Judge calls for 50% Reservation for Women in Legislature

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Hyderabad : Praja Party TS & AP Committees Celebrated International Women Day on 10-3-2018 at YMCA, Secunderabad here.

The Chief Guest of the function was District & Session Judge & Chairperson of VAT Tribunal for Telangana State Dr. G. Radha Rani. Speaking on the occasion, Judge Radha called upon for the true empowerment of women by 50% reservation to Women in the Legislature. She called upon the Women to be independent in her daily works like learning the driving of two or four wheeler to and from her house to her work place.

The Judge asked the women to start working and standing on their own foot and earn a good amount. She advised married women to ignore seeking petty maintenance of few hundreds or thousands from their irresponsible husbands. She said that in developing countries, the women need to depend on the men for fighting their legal rites. She urged for the uniformed civil code for the rights of Muslim women across the nation.

She reminded that if women demand the Mahila Commission, why should not male too have Men Rights Protection Commission. She asked the parents before marriage and husbands after marriage to create a conducive environment for the development of their daughters and wives respectively. She said the daughters are proving better than sons and parents should not abort the girls before birth by virtue of illegal detection of the girl in the womb.

The dowry demand and giving the dowry, both are offenses and the good people should not demand dowry or accept it said.She recalled that the women got voting rites from 1905 by the UN’s voting by virtue of the declaration of World Women Voting Rights. If you can provide an opportunity of good education to your girl children on par with your sons, a day will come in your lives that girls are better than boys in all spheres she advised parents.

In her address to the gathering Professor (Dr) Aruna Jyothi, Dept of Public Administration emphasized the need of the self-reliance of women. She thanked the Praja Party under the leadership of MA Mujeeb for getting approval by national committee for reserving of Chief Minister or Prime Minister or ZP Chairpersons or Surpanches posts on a rotation basis between women and men by an implementation of 50% seats for women in the Legislature. She called upon the men controlled Society to restrain from discriminating women of their rights. She called for Socio-Economic freedom to women.  She called the women to develop her education and also develop her work skills

In her address to the celebration, City Civil Court Advocates Association, Vice President Smt. Manjusha asked the men, not to underestimate women in their performance. She advised women leaders not to be emotional in their tensions and address the problems in accordance with the Law. As a women trainer and advisor to many women organizations, she tried to make leaders among the women. She asked the men to give up “Bell Bajao (Ring the Bell) culture” and restrain from harassing women.

In his address to the gathering the Secretary-General and core Committee member of Praja Party, MA Mujeeb who was an ordinary member of Praja Party since 1999 and also in-charge for Telangana State appraised the gathering that the Praja Party empowers 50 % populated women community with 50% reservation in the Legislature and to put the Chief Ministers or Prime Minister Posts on rotation basis between men and women. Praja Party aims to promote women’self-respect enable them to compete on par with men, in men dominated society.

Mujeeb compared, when the women can pilot a fighter aircraft and prepare for the warfare against the enemy, she is more capable to become and deliver good administration as the PM of this nation or as CM of the State. Mujeeb who is also the national president of All India Mohammedan Federation called upon the women Society to stand by the honest approach of Praja Party in saving the mother India from her unnecessary liabilities to her Children and also to the international world. He assured that the Chief Minister post in Telangana shall be reserved for Dalits or BCs on the rotation basis if Praja Party is voted to power in Telangana.

He said all the mandals and villages will be names by the martyrs of Telangana besides granting their legal heirs a pension on par with gazetted officers and providing the job in the establishment. The Praja Party shall give 100 yards of the plot to all the poor below the poverty line if it is voted to power in 2019, he said. Mujeeb clarified the implementation of reservation to BCs as 50%, SCs 20%, STs 10%, Muslims 12%, Christians 7 percent and 3 percent to poor among Economically Backward Classes from forward castes.

He said due to then CM Modi being champion in harassing Muslim and Christian minorities as Chief Minister of Gujarat, the RSS played fraud upon the nation in particular and the BCs in general for converting a forward Community Caste as BC Community just 3 months prior to last general election’s notification to deceive the BC community to misrule the nation. He said Mr. Narendra Modi said in his election affidavit that he is married but deserting his wife is his personal life, but reminded the women, how can such a person be pardoned as PM, who can not assure the rights and dignity of women.

Mujeeb recalled that it was he who advised Nara Chandra Babu Naiduji then Chief MinMinisterrough his newspaper “Indian White Paper’s”editorials  to start Women Self Help Groups to promote economy of the poor women and that it was he who also advised then CM to start Janma Bhoomi to keep one’s environment clean and challenged Naidu to come out with facts against his claim. Mujeeb paid floral tributes to women Icons, Savithri Bai Pule, Fathima Shaik, Mother Teresa, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Eswari Bhai, Belli Lalitha, Chakali Iylamma and Begum Surayya Tayyabi (for drawing nations Tricolour) and who motivated the present day women that they can also prove better than them.

Addressing the gathering, the All India Mohammedan (Women Wing) Federation, Telangana State Committee President, Dr. Sofia Begum, Advocate High Court who is contesting as the Vice President in next election to TS High Court Advocates Association, recalled the sacrifices made by women Icons in Indian History and expressed her solitude and saluted them from the bottom of her heart.

She asked women to be bold in their professional approaches. She reminded that though sisters get profounded love from their brothers and parents, they still need to be encouraged in standing on their feet. She recalled how long and incessant hard work by done Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu to reach international standards and making our mother India proud. She recalled the sacrifices made by the women as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and in making good Society and also making a good nation. She thanked Secretary General of Praja Party, MA Mujeeb for offering her Old City Hyderabad Parliament Seat on behalf of Praja Party and she said she will think after her present elections as the Vice President to TS High Court Advocates Association. She asked all women and girls to know their inner and hidden capacities in making their respective extraordinary professional lives in their chosen fields.

She advocated upon the political agenda of Praja Party and said that it is the most trusted and performing party in today’s time. She recalled the services done by women Icons for the betterment of Women Society. She  asked the intellectual women to be part of Praja Party’s advisory committee, as outstanding personalities from all fields are in its advisory and policy-making body.  She clarified s a question of the gathering about how the president of Praja Party’s posts from GP level to the national level are kept on a rotation basis between OBCs, SCs, STs, Minorities, and EBCs.

Ch Yadagiri, the Vice President of Praja Party (who is also the President of All India Dalit Federation : TS Committee) in his address to the gathering, felt that women needs more liberty, Justice, Equality. He recalled Mohammed  Law gives to women’s rights, liberty and wisdom and she gets rights in property of her mother, father, brother, sisters, husband, children and this law came into being from Prophet Mohammed’s time.  Hew called upon the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary to be more responsible towards women in giving them their share in Society. He said since women are given 50% of seats in the Legislature by Praja Party, women should adopt only Praja Party and ensure their empowerment.

In his presidential address, Dr. Giri Yadav the national President of Praja Party (who is also President of All India OBCs Federation) recalled the harassment met out to its office bearers by the establishment from 1999 until date. He is not bothered if intelligence agencies report against it he said. He hoped the Telangana under the able leadership and political accumenship of MA Mujeeb will emerge as a powerful and bring the change of Guards in the State.

Sudheer Babu Goud,  Advocate and the General Secretary of Legal Cell of Praja Party (who is also the President of All India OBC Federation’s Medchal District Committee), Paramesh Yadav, Advocate-Secretary of Legal Cell of Praja Party and the President of All India OBC Federation’s President Keesara Mandal Committee, who among others addressed the gathering.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Athiya Sultana, the National General Secretary Women Wing of All India Mohammedan Federation, a constituent of Praja Party who organized the celebrations

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