Did Jan Dhan Yojana bewcome as Jan Dhan Loot Yojana, in the light of Modi government string of scams?

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Like the previous scams, the accused liable to return hundreds of Crores of public money, in this case too has probably fled the country. Is it called Jan Dhan Loot Yojana?

The nation balmes Narendra Modi led BJP’s NDA government for string of scams.

Soon after reports of a new fraud by a Delhi-based jewellery brand surfaced, the commoner has hit out at the Narendra Modi government at the Centre by taking jibe after jibe at the Centre’s Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna.

The nation is confused what is the difination of Jan Dhan Yojana by Prime Minister Narendra Modi? While it appears to be a looting, ‘Loot Yojana’, another scam! of 390 Cr., involving a Delhi based jeweller.

The Rs 390-crore fraud also took place in the same manner like the previous scams by the use of fake letters of undertaking and added that probably the accused in this case too has fled the country.

Same Modus operandi as Nirav Modi. Fake LOU’s. Predictably, like Mallya and Nirav, this promoter too has disappeared while the Govt looked the other way. It has become as Jan Dhan Loot Yojana, scam after scam!

It is known to the nation that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a case against Karol Bagh-based Dwarka Das Seth International Pvt Ltd for alleged bank loan fraud to the tune of Rs 389.85 crore towards the Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC). The central agency has booked the company’s directors – Sabhya Seth, Reeta Seth, Krishna Kumar Singh, Ravi Singh – and another firm named Dwarka Das Seth SEZ Incorporation in connection with the alleged fraud.

The company had availed various credit facilities from OBC between 2007-12, which swelled to Rs 389 crore during the period. The bank complaint alleged that the company used LoCs to pay off other creditors against the purchase of gold and other precious stones and transfer gold and funds outside the country using fictitious transactions. The bank had also alleged that the company was engaging in business transactions with non-existent entities.

The OBC had reportedly filed a complaint against a Delhi-based diamond jewellery house six months ago but the probe agency did act on the same back then. However, the CBI acted in the case after multiple agencies tightened its strings against jewellers Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi in connection with Rs 11,300 crore fraud against the Punjab National Bank (PNB). Has the CBI become private entity of a section of ruling party?  It needs a revamp.

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