Detect Cybercrimes against women, to punish the guilty

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The local, regional and union governments and the NGOs should find a cybercrime reporting portal to tackle cyber crimes against women. India is a fast developing nation and we need to establish a dedicated cybercrime laboratory to stop crimes against women and children

There is a need to increase cyber forensic capabilities in modern times as cyberspace has added a new dimension and new complications. Traditional policing is not adequate to control crime in cyberspace.

Forensic science can be extremely useful in cyberspace. Our cyber forensic experts played an important role in preventing radicalization of our youth. I laud the efforts of our cyber experts in counter-radicalization. There have been incidents when morphed pictures are used to create confusion and tension.

Many countries have successfully utilized forensic DNA database in their fight against crime. India and various states and local governments should work towards a Forensic DNA Database. As the centre is preparing a huge infrastructure for crime control. India has come up with the crime and criminal tracking network and systems. By connecting this centralized database with courts and forensic labs, India will be in a position to create an Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System.

New technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cloud computing, 3D printing, robotics and internet as things are posing new security challenges before India. While Forensic experts should transform these challenges into opportunities, the NGOs should come forward to educate women and students to deter the process.

There is a need for standard operating procedures for all forensic labs in order to avoid contradictions in reports and that the chain of custody of samples needs to be transparent. Indian policing need to be sensitized about forensics. They should be properly trained in forensics, especially the investigating officers should upgrade and update their forensic knowledge and the corrupt and inefficient should be shown doors. There should be ‘Forensics Pe Charcha’ at the district level.

There should be uniform syllabus on forensics and work towards quality education by the universities that the forensic experts should play an important role in making a case foolproof.

Today’s forensic science has evolved during the past 150-200 years. The forensic lab was first established in India by the Britishers but they relied more on force than forensics.

Describing detection as the biggest deterrent for crime control, he said that the forensic experts can play a major role in detection, investigation and criminal identification of criminals. Forensics can bring a qualitative change in investigations.

On the occasion, the Union Home Minister released a souvenir and gave away certificates to forensic experts.

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