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Covid testing, vaccination lines blurred in Karimnagar

Karimnagar: With Covid-19 testing and vaccination taking place at the same centres in Karimnagar, there is confusion among people in identifying the right queue line. There are no clear demarcations or sign boards for the queue lines for Covid tests and those for vaccination, leaving citizens confused as to which queue they should stand in. They rue that if they happen to be in the Covid testing line by mistake thinking that it was meant for vaccination, they might even contract the infection.

In addition to this, people who throng the testing centres, including the elderly and those with blood pressure and diabetes, are forced to stand in the scorching heat due to lack of seating facilities or shade.

Meanwhile, after the situation was brought to his notice, District Collector K Shashanka directed officers not to set up vaccination and Covid testing centres in the same place. He instructed them to conduct tests at PHCs and vaccination drives at government schools.