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Covid-19: Corona positive doctor seen more than 1000 patients

Hyderabad: A grave professional lapse of a doctor has infected many persons with Coronavirus. This has been revealed during the spike in Coronavirus cases in Nizamabad.

Dr. Nishkal Prabhu who is the owner of Nishkal Neuro Multispecialty Hospital, Nizamabad has been seeing patients even after being confirmed a few days ago as Covid positive. He had seen more than 1000 patients after the infection.

After getting the information, the officials of the Health Department went to meet the doctor. However, Dr. Nishkal escaped before the arrival of the Health Department officials and switched off his mobile phone.

The Health Department officials conducted Coronavirus tests on the Hospital staff. Ten persons of the staff tested Corona positive.The Health Department officials have requested the District administration to take measures to arrest the guilty doctor.

Dr. Nishkal is accused of grave professional negligence as after being Corona positive he must have quarantined himself. His seeing the patients after his infection is a criminal act. Strict action is likely to be taken against the doctor.