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Congress will waive off 2L each of farmers loans: Rahul Gandhi

Hyderabad: Speaking at the “Raithu Sangharshana Sabha” in Warangal, Rahul Gandhi slammed the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government on their “selfish” tactics, and asked the audience about what happened to the “dream” of Telangana’s development.

TPCC president Revanth Reddy read out the Congress party’s “Warangal declaration,” in which they promised to waive off 2 lakhs of each farmer’s loans, and buy paddy at MSP. He added that the party would initiate direct benefit to farmers of Rs 15,000 per acre of farming land.

Addressing the gathering shortly afterward, Rahul Gandhi said, “Telangana is a new state, and it wasn’t formed easily. To create this state, the people gave their blood and tears. This state was the dream of the people- and was not made for any single person.”

“One family in Telangana has seen a lot of prosperity. But I ask you, have the people got jobs? Who is responsible for the families of deceased farmers present today?” he questioned.

He added that it was not easy for the Congress party to provide the people with a new state. “We knew we would not get support, but we still stood with the people.”

Gandhi said that after the state bifurcation, a people’s democracy has not formed. “The CM in the state is only by name. He acts like a king. A king does whatever he wants, he does not listen to the people,” said Gandhi.

“We promised two things during our successful election campaign in Chhattisgarh- firstly that we would forgive debts of farmers, and that we would buy paddy at Rs 2,500. We listened to the farmers, and today the state of Chhattisgarh has their demands met. The people in Telangana are also asking for the same things today,” he said.

“The moment Congress party is in power, farmers’ loans will be forgiven by 2 lakhs each, and paddy will be bought at MSP. You do not have to worry or fear, Congress will prove its mettle in just a couple of months,” he added.

“In the Warangal declaration, we spoke about loan forgiving, MSP rates, and direct benefit of 15,000 per acre. Revanth Reddy has read out the entire declaration. This is not just a declaration, it is a guarantee to farmers from the Congress party.”

“Every person and worker has to understand this- Congress party will never work with anyone who has cheated, scammed, and betrayed Telangana,” said Gandhi, referring to CM KCR.

“Any Congress who brings up this subject will be removed from the party, no matter who it is or how big a position they assume.”

“If any Congress party member wants to work with TRS, they should either shift to the TRS or to BJP. We have no need for such people. We fight for our morals, and will not get along with any ‘king.’ We will defeat TRS in the elections.”

“Remember, the person who has destroyed Telangana’s dreams and cheated the workers of the state, we will never forgive them.”

“During elections, only those who have fought for the people will receive merit-based tickets. No matter who you are, if you have not fought for the farmers or stood with the people, you will not receive a ticket from the Congress party.”

“When Sonia-ji gave Telangana to you, there was a dream. She listened to the voice of the state and wanted that dream to come true. That dream is your, hers, and also mine. I want to see it come true with you.”

“Wherever there is a need for me, wherever you want me to be present and fight for you- I am ready to be there. This is not just your fight. This is the Congress party’s fight, and it is my fight.”

“If there is to be an alliance, it will be between TRS and BJP. The BJP is in the centre and controlling the TRS government remotely from Delhi. BJP knows that Congress will never work with them. Therefore, they are working with the TRS in Telangana.”

Gandhi added that the proof is that no matter how much money the Telangana CM “steals,” neither BJP nor the ED will investigate it.

“The rally is for farmers. We want them to know that Congress stands with them and is fully supportive. In the days going forward, we will organise similar rallies for tribal citizens, and fight for them in issues of 10% reservation,” said Gandhi.

“TRS has cheated the people. Now, give Congress a chance. Give farmers, minorities, and youth a chance to grow with Congress. This evening, I thank you all for coming so far to listen to me,” he added.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is visiting Telangana on May 6 and 7 to participate in a ‘Kisaan Sangarshana Sabha’ in Warangal. Gandhi’s visit aims to raise the issues of people and highlight the failure of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government in the state.

He will address farmers of the Warangal area before heading to Hyderabad, where he will pay tributes to former CM Damodaram Sanjeevaiah on his 50th death anniversary, and hold a meeting with senior Congress leaders.

On May 7, Gandhi was supposed to visit the famous Arts College at the Osmania University to hold a “non-political” meeting.

However, permission to hold the meeting was denied, which led to protests in the university, and ended with student leaders being detained and arrested. Another proposed visit to meet the imprisoned students in Chanchalguda jail was also cancelled after permission was denied.

In 2019, as many as 12 of the 19 Congress MLAs in the state jumped ship to Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). Of the remaining seven MLAs, Uttam Kumar assumed position as MP from Nalgonda. At present, Congress has six MLAs and three MPs- TPCC president A Revanth Reddy, Bhongir MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Nalgonda MP Uttam Kumar.