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CM Jagan Mohan Reddy launches denotification of 35,669 acres

VIJAYAWADA: Launching the programme of denotification of 35,669 acres of land across the State at Avanigadda in Krishna district on Thursday, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said it will restore farmers’ rights to sell or gift it and the denotification will benefit a total of 22,042 farmers in phases.

Jagan, who started his speech with his customary clap on the mike and deeming the day as yet another good day when people stand to benefit, said he stood before them with a solution to their unresolved land problems due to lack of clarity and proper records.

Explaining that denotification of lands from Section 22A will fully restore the rights of farmers, who were barred from selling or gifting them due to the wrong policies of the previous TDP regime, he said the programme is only part of the resurvey of lands taken up after 100 years to permanently solve the land disputes across the State.

As many as 10,019 farmers in Avanigadda constituency alone will get their rights back over 15,791 acres while the rest of them across the State will get freedom from Section 22A in phases. The anti-farmer TDP government brought several GOs in May 2016, taking away the rights of farmers by including certain categories of lands like ‘Chukkala Bhumulu’, ‘Anadita Bhumulu’ and assigned lands in Section 22A barring the farmers from selling or gifting them to others.

Pointing out that all wrongs done by the TDP regime are being rectified by the present YSRC government, the Chief Minster urged people to see the difference between the policies of the TDP and YSRC governments. “Even 75 years after Independence, farmers and land owners are facing multiple problems due to lack of error-free land records. The YSRC government is transforming the State into a role model by implementing several pro-farmer policies,” he asserted.

Further elaborating on the land resurvey programme, Jagan said in the last 100 years no such re-survey was conducted to correct the lapses. He said his government has taken up the re-survey to ensure foolproof land records.

“Latest technologies are being used to ensure records are made transparent, which will bring an end to land disputes. About 15,000 surveyors have been recruited for this purpose and resurveying lands will be done with the latest technology at the expense of crores of rupees. We will also using planes, helicopters, drones, and rovers and marking the correct boundaries, updating the records, and giving the right documents to the deserving ones,” Jagan highlighted.

“We are going to start the survey in 1,500 villages in November. Every month we will add more villages and ensure that we complete the process in 1,700 villages by next year,” he elaborated.

Responding to a request from Avanigadda MLA Simhadri Ramesh, Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy sanctioned Rs 35 crore for the development of Avanigadda – Koduru road, 25 crore for strengthening left and right banks of Krishna river and sea bund,8.5 crore for old Yeddulalanka bridge, 15-10 crore for shifting compost yards from Avanigadda,10-15 crore for CC drains and a dialysis centre in Avanigadda Area Hospital