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CM Jagan loss grip on Party and Government, says BRS Convener Raja Rao

Bharatiya Bahujana Rashtra Samit (BRS) AP Associate Convener Raja Rao came down heavily on Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for his tyrannical policies which toppled down the state’s development into abyss.

Talking to IWP, Raja Rao alleged that all the YSRCP’s MLAs, Ministers and also officials who indulged in corruption were persecuting the public in all aspects. Raja Rao stated that the Chief Minister betrayed all youth, employees and women by reneging all the promises. The BRS AP State Associate Convener Raja Rao further informed that CM Jagan already lost the grip on the party as well as the government.

”CM is blackmailing the employees and it is the first time in history. Youth are migrating from the state seeking jobs and employment. Farmers are facing so many troubles during this regime. Land, Sand, Mining mafias are rampant in the state”, AP Associate Convener Raja Rao informed.

He commented that Corruption is in the YSRCP DNA. He further pointed out that CM Jagan didn’t allocate a single rupee to the Rayalaseema irrigation projects and added that all projects were totally neglected. Also Read – YS Jagan disburses Jagananna Videshi Deevena, assured govt.

Referring to the Union Budget, AP Associate Convener Raja Rao informed that Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s budget is good for no one beneficiary to BJP and added that she was the first woman to introduce the ill fated budget after the on train budget done by Indira Gandhi.

He stated that the BJP has become slow poision to India as it is destroying Indian economy. He sought the inity among Bahujans for establishing Bahujan Raj in Andhra Pradesh and informed the BRS will be ready to conduct state wise protest against the incumbent government.