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CLP Bhatti condemns Rajagopal’s decision

Hyderabad: The CLP Bhatti Vikramarka on Tuesday criticised Rajagopal Reddy’s support for Bharatiya Janata Party. He said that Congress has given an opportunity to Rajagopal Reddy to grow in politics.

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi is fighting against the injustices being done to the country by the Bharatiya Janata Party and now Rajagopal Reddy is supporting BJP. Bhatti condemned Rajagopal Reddy’s actions and said that instead of supporting the Congress party, he is going against the party’s policies.

He said that he will seek an appointment with the Telangana Legislative Assembly Speaker and tender his resignation in a day or two. According to the sources, Rajagopal Reddy is likely to join BJP. However, there is no official information regarding this.

Addressing the media on August 2, Rajagopal Reddy said that he has taken the decision to quit the party keeping in mind the people of his constituency. He said that “If I quit, I hope that the people of my constituency will get some promise of development from the government. There is still 18 months left for my tenure to end and I hope at least for the sake of my seat the TRS government will do justice to my constituency.”