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Citizens give out Oxygen cylinders for free to meet high demand

Hyderabad: Oxygen cylinders have become precious commodities these days as many patients all over the country are in desperate need of the gas to battle Covid-19. In these testing times, citizens are coming forward and supplying oxygen cylinders for free to those in need. Mohammed Asif Hussain Sohail runs an NGO named Sakina and has been helping people since the last year to get oxygen cylinders. “Demand for oxygen cylinders has drastically shot up in the last two months.

Dr Mohd Sujathullah from the Humanity First
Foundation checks oxygencylinders that will be
provided to the needy for free in Hyderabad
Till date, I have supplied almost 1,500 cylinders for free. We do not take money as our aim is to help people who cannot afford these cylinders,” said Sohail. Even in the last 24 hours, Sohail had received around 32,000 calls for oxygen cylinders.

The NGO asks people to send a oneminute video of their saturation level so it can supply the oxygen cylinder for free. Sohail is also supplying oxygen cylinders to Gandhi Hopspital and even coordinating with organisations in Delhi to help the people living there.

“We are trying to fulfil the requirements of people and we will continue to do this service,” he added. Similarly, Dr Mohd Sujathullah from the Humanity First Foundation, who had provided food to migrant workers last year, is also doing his part to help the citizen who are in need of oxygen. “I had got a call where a person had asked for oxygen cylinder for his sick mother.

That’s when it struck me to supply oxygen cylinders for free. Ever since, I have been buying cylinders and giving them for free,” he said. Over the last month, Sujathulla has been paying double the rate for oxygen cylinders, after there was a shortage.

A small cylinder that usually costs around 5,000, now is priced at10,000, while the rate of a jumbo cylinder has increased to 30,000 from11,000. “I will provide the oxygen cylinders for free as the whole purpose here is to save lives. I wish that my little help would save someone’s life,” he added.