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Chilkur Balaji Brahmotsavams concludes

Vijayawada: On the seventh and the last day of the annual Brahmotsavams at Chilkur Balaji temple, the priests offered purnahuti to the Vasudeva Kundatmaka Homam held at the yagnashala. Later, melchat was offered to the Lord Sudarshana at the Addala Mandapam behind the sanctum sanctorum. Avabrita snanam was also performed amid vedic chants.

All the rituals were performed in ekantham adhering to Covid-19 norms. Avabrita snanam is a ritual performed as an atonement to any lapse, if any in performing mantra, tantra or rituals, during the Brahmotsavams. The ritual was performed in a large vessel on the temple premises. In the evening, dhwajarohanam, devata visarjanam and saptavaranalu were performed as the last rituals of the Brahmotsavams.