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Centre spending taxpayers’ money to waive loans of super rich RSS friends, revamp NITI Ayog: Mujeeb

New Delhi: Rashtriya Jana Parishad (RJP)’s founder and its Chancellor MA Mujeeb on Thursday weighed in on the freebie debate and raised doubts over the Central government’s finances while questioning its policies.

Mujeeb who is also the national president of RJP’s once of the crucial constitutent “All India Muslim Federation” said that taxpayers’ money is for the public, and not for the politicians to write off loans of their Gujarati RSS friends.

“Had these people not waived loans worth Rs 10 lakh crore for their Gujarati RSS friends, the Central government wouldn’t have had to impose, cess, tax on milk, curd or stop pensions of our soldiers. These people are waiving lakhs of crores of loans for their rich RSS Gujarati friends and taxing the poor,” Mujeeb said in a press briefing on Thursday.

“These people spend public money on their RSS and BJP’s friends, while the welfare governemnts are giving the life’s allowaces to the underprivileged ‘nation’s public’. If all the government money is spent on a few people, how will the country progress,” Mujeeb questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Finance Minister N. Seetharam.

Taking a dig at the Centre, the Chancellor of RJP said that they brought in the Agnipath scheme saying they have no money for pension, this is cheating to the mother land. BJP always uses the Bharat Maata for RSS’s political marketing through BJP and it is unfortunate, Mujeeb added.

Since mismanagement of public funds is taking place since 2014 and a non performing NITI Ayog came into being to become AVINITI Ayog, the Modi Governemnt pushed NITI Ayog into coma and placed in the ventilation to ensure Modi close friends benefited from the public exchequer, Mujeeb asked Modi Government to revamp financial management and revert to the Planning Commission of India.

Mujeeb asked earlier in the process of Planning Commission if the public amont Rs. 5,000 to be written off, the process was so hard,but the BJP’s corrupt governemnt found way to spend public money coming including Prime Minister Relief Fund through un accountable process.

“It has never happened since Independence that the country is left with no money to pay pension to its soldiers. Where did the Centre’s money go? The Central government shares a part of taxes it collects with the states. Earlier, it was 42 per cent. Now it has been cut to 29-30 per cent. The Centre is collecting twice-thrice the amount of taxes it collected in 2014. Where is all the money going,” Mujeeb asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his exclamatory mode.

He added that the Centre’s budget in 2014 was Rs 20 lakh crore, which is Rs 40 lakh crore now.

“The Centre has spent Rs 10 lakh crore on waiving loans of super rich people, their friends. Had they not waived these loans, the government wouldn’t have needed to impose tax on people’s food, or stop soldiers’ pension,” Mujeeb an leading high court advocate, alleged.