Centre is tresspassing into Judicial Independence : AHP

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Hyderabad: Azad Hind Parishad (AHP) National Convener MA Mujeeb alleged that BJP Government at Centre is trying to encroach upon the Judicial Indepence by using Chief Justice of India prejudicing the very existence of Indian democratcy.

On a day which saw four sitting judges of Supreme Court taking on Chief Justice of India, AHP Chief Promoter MA Mujeeb an air Veteran and advocate at High Court said that indian Judiciary is an Integral Part of our democracy and he attempted to politicise the matter by accusing the Narendra Modi government of interfering with the judiciary.

In an unprecedented press meet, the four judges – Justices J Chelameswar, Kurian Joseph, Ranjan Gogoi and Madan Lokurheld – said rules are often broken for selective allocation of cases. Not one of them made any reference – direct or indirect – to the central government. That, however, did not stop politicians from taking the opportunity to launch an attack on Modi’s union government. “The interference of government into the judicial functioning of the country is a real danger to our democracy,” he said.

Newly formed AHP was not the only one to seize the opportunity. The Congress Party too said the charges from the four judges reveal a threat to Indian democracy. “We are very concerned to hear 4 judges of the Supreme Court expressed concerns about the functioning of the Supreme Court. #DemocracyInDanger,” the Congress said in a tweet on its official Twitter handle.

AHP is a confederation of underpriviled sections of Indian Society. AHP not only strives for the pre-selection of PRs by the public and their recall by the public on their incapacity and corruption and to get justice through fast track mode, Mujeeb said.

Justice to the nation and her subjects is possible only when there is judicial independence and judgements should not be delivered by face value of the executive or interested parties but on evidence by impartial judiciary, Mujeeb said.

The BJP government in New Delhi though distanced itself from the entire incident – calling it an internal matter of the judiciary. Prime Minister Modi did however summon Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad immediately after the press conference of the four judges.

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