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CBSE Class 10, Class 12 sample papers here, check other key details

New Delhi: As the CBSE class 10 class 12 board exams are slated next month, the students should start their last-minute preparations for their upcoming board exams. The CBSE board 2021 practical exams are already underway amind ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in the different states.

The CBSE class 10 class 12 board exam students, however, are advised not to spare any effort in studies on their part as the board would conduct the exams as per the given syllabus.
The students should, therefore go through the sample papers given on the CBSE’s official and practice them thoroughly.

For the Class XII sample question paper and marking scheme for Exam 2020-21, the students should open the following link:

Recently, the CBSE class 10 class 12 have been advised that they should need not worry as you know as to why the ‘C’ in the marks is linked.

According to a recent circular addressed to the heads of all CBSE affiliated institutions, the CBSE has clearly stated that if any CBSE board exam candidate fails to appear for the CBSE board 2021 practical exams for being tested COVID positive or any of his close family members tested COVID positive, the concerned schools will have to re-conduct the practical exams for such students.

Such schools have been directed to consult with the CBSE regional office latest by June 11. Notably, the ‘C’ may be posted on the link of the marks for such candidates, while uploading the marks.