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BRS (Bahujana) demands dismissal of BRS (TRS) government of Telangana State

Hyderabad: Bahujana Rashtra Samithi (BRS) president MA Mujeeb alleged that Chief Minister K Cjhandrea Sekhara Rao made land Grabbing easy and promoted lawlessness in an open Memorandum to the Governor while seeking the dismissal of BRS ( KCR ) government and imposition of the president rule in Telangana on break up of law and order.

A whatsapp message is doing round the corner making an appeal to all citizens of Telangana State to take note that the land grabbing criminals with active assistance of BRS (KCR) MLAs, MPs and Ministers, local politicians and local Government Officials and the police are fabricating back dated un registered agreements of sale deed and other documents and grabbing the innocent persons lands and swallowing illegal proceeds, alleged BRS president MA Mujeeb.

KCR made Telangana hell and promoting land grabbing and cheating the law abiding people among the Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Minorities in the State, Mujeeb clarified.

Bahujana Rashtra Samithi (BRS) President MA Mujeeb in his tweet to KCR earlier requested Telangana Chief Ministers K Chandra Shekher Rao to restore Land Grabbing Act and Land Grabbing Court with the deterring punishment with life imprisonment to land grabbing criminals but the Hon’ble Chief Minister not only ignored to reply but by doing so KCR conceded by maintaining silence Mujeeb said.

It is time for the subjects of the State to throw out most corrupt KCR government and sought confidence of the people to vote Bahujana Rashtra Samithi to power that will restore back the Land Grabbing Act with a life imprisonment to land grabbers said advocate High Court MA Mujeeb.

It has been brought to the notice of the BRS (Bahujana) party that TRS (BRS) leaders themselves or assisting their land grabbing syndicate members and District Registrars to fabricate documents by abuse of Transfer of Property Act particularly on the lands in the Bahujan Muslims, OBCs, SCs, STs in Sy No. 108 to 116 in the name of Laxminarayana (a member of Nayeem gang and Goud’s names.

Mujeeb said that the victims are the law abiding citizen despite they being Bahujans and form 90 per cent of population are targeted by ruling class in Telangana and becoming helpless due to maladministration of KCR, warned Mujeeb.

In another case KCR’s cabinet minister Singireddy Nirajan Reddy abused the law and deliberately fabricated a sale deed on land in the name of his aunty Singireddy Narsamma in Sy No 655part Rampally Dayara Keesara Mandal Medchal – Malkajgiri District to an extent of 9 acres and 12 guntas of land.

The victims moved the Medchal-Makajgiri District Court got cancelled Smt. Narsamma’s fabricated sale deed cancelled, permanent injunction obtained against land grabbing syndicate members by a Decree and Judgement in OS No. 39 of 2006 on 20-7-2015 and filed Execution Petition.

The surprising part in land grabbing episode is that the corrupt revenue and quasi judicial officials despite notices of winning the case by victims, aided the land grabbing syndicate members and facilitated them with Pattadar Pass Books and title Books without notice to the victims who won the title dispute in Court, BRS Prez added.

The victims made a complaint to the Telangana Lok Ayuktha with a plea to punish and remove all the corrupt officials who victimized the victims further dismiss such public servants who put them the real owners of the land to mental agony and hardship.

The revenue officials have not only blocked the Dharani website relating to the correction of erroneous entries infavour of victims abr\structing by locking grievance pending for Sy No. 655 part to an extent of Ac.9-12 gts Rampally Dayara village, Keesara Mandal from the dubious name of Kamasani Priyanka wife of Ka,asani Vekatreddy whp is a member of power land grabbing syndicate member.

Explaining the modus operendi of land grabbing done by the active support of the Cabinet Ministers of KCR, Government, Singireddy Niranjan Reddy’s direct involvement in land grabbing episode in survey number 655, BRS President MA Mujeeb said that KCR’s cabinet minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy over the threatened the counsel of the the Modern Plot Owners Society, (MPOS), Advocate MA Mujeeb over the phone that the victims of Society should forget about Ac.res 9 and 12 guntas pf land in favour of land grabbing syndicate member Smt. Kamasani Priyanka wife of Kamasani Venkat Reddy’s who is claiming land of Society through her cancelled sale deed.

Advocate and who is also the Prez of BRS challenged the Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy to save his aunty Smt. Singireddy Narsamma from her being convicted to jail term under the ongoing Execution Proceedings, Mujeeb told IWP, while demanding unconditional apology and resignation from the Cabinet failing which the members of BRS will undertake hunger strike at Indira Park in Hyderabad and Delhi.

The TRS-BRS (KCR) government is encouraging land grabbing. The TRS -BRS government is cheated the state by repealing the land grabbing act and Land Grabbing Court in Telangana that is encouraging criminals to grab innocent people’s immovable properties, Mujeeb who is also National President of All India Muslim Federation (AIMF) alleged.

Investigation made by the IWP to confirm facts, shocking facts came to IWP’s knowledge that revealed that some judge from upper caste Reddy community is also supporting illegal encroachment made by Venkat Reddy to facilitate him to grab the MPOS’s land in the name of his wife’s name Kamasani Priyaka of Rampally Dayara village.

BRS Prez further alleged that massive land grabbing is done in Medipally village and mandal and Peerzadiguda Municipality through a prominent land grabber Challa Chandra Reddy and a resident of Habsiguda, Hyderabad.

Bahujans Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Prez MA Mujeeb demands the Governor of Telangana take Suo moto and dismiss KCR Government and appeal government of India to bring Central Land Grabbing Prohibition Act and save the innocent people and the State of Telangana and the union of India.