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BJP, TRS govts ruining lives of people: Shabbir Ali

Kamareddy: Senior Congress leader Mohammed Ali Shabbir on Friday accused the BJP and TRS governments of ruining the lives of poor people. He said the increase in the prices of cooking gas, petrol, diesel and essential commodities has a strong negative impact on the lives of poor and middle-class people.

Addressing a dharna held at the Kamareddy Municipal Office on Friday as part of a call given by the All India Congress Committee (AICC) for a nationwide protest against the rising prices of fuel and essential commodities and the imposition of GST on several food items, Shabbir Ali and other leaders participated in the programme by wearing garlands made of vegetables around their necks.

Later, they also burnt effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other Union Ministers. Shabbir Ali said the Congress party would continue its agitation until the Centre and State take measures to reduce inflation.

Instead of taking corrective measures to control inflation, he said BJP government is trying to divert people’s attention by inciting communal violence and promoting hatred among various communities. He said both Modi and KCR were working for the benefit of only a few corporates and not for the people.

While the BJP government sold away airports and seaports, the TRS government sold government lands worth over Rs 21,000 crore at throw-away prices to some individuals. They will sell the entire country if not stopped now, he added.

He said Modi had promised to provide two crore jobs every year. Therefore, Modi Govt should have provided nearly 16 crore jobs in the last eight years. He said instead of creating new jobs, BJP Govt has implemented several incorrect policies like demonetisation which led to inflation and the loss of crores of existing jobs.

“Union Minister Kishan Reddy and BJP president Bandi Sanjay must give an explanation as to why their government at the Centre failed to control rising inflation and address unemployment before conducting yatras,” he said.