BJP failing to pay employees repeatedly after committing scams worth thousands of crores in MCD: AAP

New Delhi: The corruption of BJP leaders who have been in power for the last 17 years has completely hollowed out the MCD. Corruption has become so prevalent in the MCD that, on the one hand, BJP leaders are embezzling thousands of crores while, on the other hand, MCD is unable to pay its employees’ salaries.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday (December 20) lashed out at the BJP for its habit of looting the people and said that BJP is failing to pay employees repeatedly after committing scams worth thousands of crores in the MCD.

He informed that the Delhi Government owes no dues to the MCD and so far in fiscal year 2021-22, Rs 2,588 crores have been dispersed in three installments; the next installment will be dispersed in January. He said that the Kejriwal government has given MCD loans of almost Rs 7,000 crores in addition to its annual share, but BJP leaders keep crying for funds in MCD to misguide the public.

He added that the BJP has been in power in Delhi MCD for 17 years in which it has made the MCD a pauper while its leaders have been amassing ill-gotten wealth. He alleged that the BJP has wrecked the MCD and looted public money through 2,500 crore rent scam and 1,800 crore house tax scam. He talked about how the MCD is paying rent of Rs 18.36 lakh per month for a waste management machine that costs 17.5 lakh to buy.

He said that fearing defeat in the upcoming MCD elections, BJP leaders are selling government parkings and MCD land at throwaway prices and school land worth 250 crores was sold for 126 crores. He stated that the BJP leaders have joined forces with the private parking mafia to orchestrate a ten-thousand-crore parking scam.

Sisodia stated, “Delhi Government is supposed to provide Rs 3,488 crore to the MCD in fiscal year 2021-22, according to the budget. So far, the Delhi Government has given MCD 75% of the funds in three installments totaling Rs 2,588 crore. In addition, the remaining 25% will be dispersed in January.”

“Despite knowing this very well, BJP leaders ruling the MCD are crying that the Delhi government did not give money to us. The Mayor keeps doing drama all the time and does not pay his employees who are facing the toughest of the times. The question that must be asked is, where did all of this money go under the watch of the BJP?” he added.

He further stated, “since the formation of Arvind Kejriwal’s government in Delhi, the Delhi Government has not only given MCD their share of the budget, but also a loan of Rs 6,889 crore. Furthermore, the Delhi government is yet to deduct the loan amount given to MCDs from their dispensations, whereas previous governments did so regularly.”

“The BJP-ruled MCD has a loan of Rs.6,889 crore on its head that was embezzled by BJP leaders. The money given by the Delhi government as its share for MCD has also been gulped down it appears. The BJP leaders are claiming that they do not have enough money to pay their employees but on the contrary because of rampant corruption, the MCD is being hollowed out, while BJP leaders are filling their pockets day by day,” he added.

List of scams committed by the BJP-ruled MCD, totaling approximately 20,000 crores

Rent Scam Worth Rs 2500 Crores

South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has not paid rent of Rs. 2500 crores to North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), which is pending for a long time. This rent has not been paid by SDMC yet because BJP leaders have robbed off these public funds.

House Tax Scam worth Rs 1800 crores

MCD should end up receiving Rs 3000 crore in house tax revenue, but due to corruption and fraud, MCD only earns Rs 1200 crore in house tax revenue.

Waste management machine scam worth Rs 1000 crores

Sisodia informed, “Instead of purchasing, the BJP-ruled MCD pays a rent of Rs 6 lakh 30 thousand for a waste management machine costing Rs 17.5 lakh. Along with this, the corporation is on the verge of presenting a new proposal in which rent of Rs 306 per metric ton of waste will be paid for the machines. In a month, this machine processes at least 6,000 metric tons of garbage. As a result, MCD is now paying Rs 18.36 lakh per month in rent instead of Rs 17.5 lakh for a machine.”

400 crore worth parking scam; government parkings sold at throwaway prices to earn commission

Shri Manish Sisodia said, “the BJP is losing money by selling MCD parkings. The BJP has committed a parking scam worth Rs 300-400 crore. Despite promising to build 100 multilevel parking lots, the BJP has only built 14 so far.”

He stated that there are approximately one crore vehicles in Delhi, but there’s legal parking for only one lakh vehicles. MCD is losing money due to illegal parking at all other places and this money is not going to MCD, but rather to BJP leaders.

Sisodia stated, “the BJP had sold 13 parking lots in the North MCD to private mafia for pennies and had waived off crores in property taxes for them. All of these parking lots could generate thousands of crores in revenue each year. However, in order to gulp down commission, the BJP first sold all of the parking at rock-bottom prices and then waived their house tax. The BJP-led MCD has taken crores of rupees from markets in the form of conversion fees and parking fees, but is yet to solve the parking problem.”

Government Land Scam worth Rs 400 crores

Manish Sisodia further stated that the BJP is selling away MCD properties at ridiculously low prices. “So far, a scam worth Rs 300-400 crore has been perpetrated. The BJP had sold off 2800 square metre school land worth at least Rs 250 crores for just Rs 126 crores.”

“The BJP sold 150-crore Novelty Cinema land for only 36 crores and defrauded the public of crores. And the race to sell MCD’s assets did not end there. So far, the BJP has sold Azadpur’s Naniwala Bagh, Moti Nagar Shopping Complex, 22 shops near Delite Cinema, 132 plots in Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, 34 schools, a vacant health centre, Town Hotel, RBTB Hospital, among other properties and is still working hard to sell properties on a regular basis.”

Illegal Parking scam worth 10,000 crores every year

Sisodia further said, “parking at hospitals and shopping malls is supposed to be free. However, due to the collaboration between the parking mafia and the BJP, parking fees are being collected illegally from people here as well.”

“MCD, on the other hand, stated that hospitals and shopping malls are given parking space as an additional FAR. So that no one has to pay a parking fee on it. However, the BJP encourages illegal parking and all of this illegal work is being carried out with the knowledge and consent of the BJP leaders at the helm of the MCD and DDA.”

Sisodia asserted that on the one hand, the BJP is impoverishing MCD by committing scam after scam, while on the other hand, its leaders weep that MCD does not have enough money to pay its employees’ salaries.

He said that the BJP should be ashamed that it is making MCD poorer day by day. However, the people of Delhi will avenge this loot and fittingly respond to the BJP in the upcoming elections.