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RSS terrorists assault Muslim family in Medak, BRS General Secretary NS Kumar condemns

Hyderabad: Police have booked 11 persons, including a BJP councilor, for allegedly trying to lynch a Muslim man and his family members while chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram’ slogans in Narsapur of Medak district recently.

Even though the incident took place on May 7, and the case was filed on the same day, it came to light after a video of the incident went viral on Twitter on Thursday.

The video purportedly shows a group of saffron-clad men assaulting Md Imran alias Khaja Moinuddin (31), his mother and sister, who later suffered a miscarriage. Police, since hand-in-gloves with RSS terrorists’ however, refused to link the miscarriage with the assault case.

Following the incident, Imran @ Khaja Moinuddin was arrested for assaulting one of the accused earlier that day. He was later released on bail and a case was filed against those who attacked him and his family.

Investigation by IWP revealed and when contacted Narsapur Circle Inspector (CI) said that Imran @Khaja Moinuddin, who works at a Kalyani restaurant in Narsapur, had an altercation with Lingam, 28, an HP gas delivery person. “Lingam was asked to deliver an empty gas cylinder. Instead, he brought a filled one. This led to a quarrel between the two and Imran hit Lingam with a chappal,” the CI told this news portal.

Lingam later returned with a dozens of saffron-clad men, who attacked Imran while raising ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans. A Bharatiya Janata Party councillor, Goda Rajendar, was also among them.

Khaja Moinuddin’s sister and mother tried to save him. They were also attacked and beaten block and blue. Khaja Moinuddin @ Imran’s sister, who was pregnant, suffered injuries leading to miscarriage.

Despite repeated attempts by IWP, Medak superintendent of police (SP) Rohini Priyadarshini could not be contacted for her comments.

Following the incident, police lodged FIRs against Imran @ Khaja Moinuddin as well as 11 attackers, including the BJP councillor. However, only Imran @ Khaja Moinuddin was arrested and there is no action of arrest of RSS terrorists.

“We also lodged FIR against 11 persons and sent them warning notices. We even counselled both parties and tried to resolve the matter,” the CI told this news portal.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of Bahujana Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Nandikanti Sai Kumar strongly condemned the timely inaction of the Police to bring RSS goons to book. In contrary police booked a case against the victim Imran @ Khaja Moinuddin, which is most unfortunate Sai Kumar said,

Sai Kumar said Imran @ Khaja Moinuddin is a member of Muslim Federation of India (MFI) Medak General Body which is one of the constituent of BRS along with BRS’s other constituents the OBCs Federation, SCs Federation, STs Federation and Christian Federation. BRS will give all necessary legal support to its member the victim Imran @ Khaja Moinuddin said Nandikanti Sai Kumar.

Sai Kumar said, “I am directed by the BRS Chief MA Mujeeb (in Delhi now) to look into the matter. The BRS condemns that Imran @ Khaja Moinuddin hitting Lingam was not right. But what kind of hooliganism is this that one brings a mob for revenge? And mob trying to lynch Imran @ Khaja Moinuddin. Is there law and order left in this state?”

Nandikanti Sai Kumar said that Imran @ Khaja Moinuddin’s sister and mother were also beaten up by RSS goons. His sister suffered a miscarriage. “I came to know that his sister was pregnant. She lost her baby and is currently undergoing medical treatment and unconscious,” Sai Kumar added added.

Reacting on the issue, Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan condemned the incident and questioned the silence of Muslim leaders, including state home minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, over the incident.

He also asked why police failed to take action against the accused, including the BJP councillor. “Sixteen days have passed and no one from the mob has been arrested,” Amjed Ullah Khan said.

As the video of the incident went viral on Thursday, it evoked strong reactions from many Twitter users. Many posts tagged state DGP Anjani Kumar and Medak police commissioner and SP, demanding action against the assaulters.