Bizarre! Man found living in jungle in his Ambassador car for 17 years, here’s what happened

The 21st century is all about computers, laptops, and more importantly smartphones which have become an integral part of our lives. This is the era of the internet where one cannot imagine having a life without a smartphone enabling all day-to-day tasks from simplest to the most complex. It is hard to imagine a life without all these internet connections and gadgets.

But we introduce you to a man who has retreated himself to the ancient ways of living. Chandrashekar, a man with a lean physique but strong limbs, half bald, long beard, having rubber slippers on, and with only two pairs of clothing.

You can find Chandrashekar in the dense forest that exists between the villages of Adtale and Nekkare in the Dakshina Kannada district but you will have to walk 3-4 kilometers through the jungle.

After reaching the place where Chandrashekar resides you will find a small tent-like structure made of bamboos with some plastic sheets resting on it. And alongside that what one can barely call a tent, you will find an old ambassador car which used to white in colour with a radio that’s the only functional peace of machine inside it.

The reason behind Chandrashekhar’s wild-life is the loss of his fortune to a cooperative bank. Chandrashekhar once owned a 1.5 acres farm in Nekral Kemraje village and was leading a peaceful life. In 2003, he had to take a loan of Rs 40,000 from a co-operative bank but could not pay it back and the bank auctioned his farm.

Chandrashekar could not stand this and went to his sister’s house in Adtale in his ambassador car. A few days later, he had to move from there as well since he was not getting along with his sister’s family and decided to live alone. He managed to drive into the deep jungle and parked his car there. To protect himself from the rain and sun he put up a small tent.

Chandrashekar has been living like this for 17 years. He takes bath by the river that flows inside the forest. To meet his daily needs, he weaves baskets using dried creepers around him and sells them in a shop in the nearby village, and takes the rice, sugar, and other groceries in return.

Chandrashekar does not have an Aadhaar card but the Aranthod Gram Panchayath visited him and gave him his dose of COVID-19 vaccine. During the lockdown period, he managed to stay alive on water and wild fruits for weeks.