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Bathukamma celebrated with pomp, grandeur in Saudi Arabia, rest of Gulf

Jeddah: A celebratory mood has been prevailing among a larger section of the Telangana expatriate community across the Gulf region as Bathukamma festivities that prevailed in the pre-pandemic times return. After being a low-profile affair owing to the pandemic in the past two years, and the volatile job market prior to that, the excitement for an elaborate Bathukamma and saddula pindi has been rekindled, this year’s Bathukamma.

The Bathukamma celebrations are held throughout the ten days of Dussehra. Bathukamma means ‘Goddess of Life’.

Separate Telangana agitation helped the spread of the cultural revival among Telangana NRIs in the Arabian Gulf too and Bathukamma became a calendar event. It reached its peak last year after showcasing it on the world’s largest screen at Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest building in Dubai.

The Telangana families in the Gulf region are more enthusiastic given their time and space constraints in addition to local norms upon gatherings. It’s noteworthy to mention that there is a significant influx of IT professionals from Telugu states into the Gulf region notably in Saudi Arabia where newly joined families eager to join socio-cultural life where festivals such as Bathukamma is a matter.

The floral festival is being celebrated in a grand scale as hundreds of Telangana families throng the venues with floral banquets. Various organizations and individual groups in different cities of the gulf have been organizing the festival with full fervor for the last three days.

UAE is foremost among the Gulf region in conducting Bathukamma. A grand festival was held by the Gulf Telangana Welfare and Cultural Association (GTWCA) at a local stadium on Sunday that attracted some hundreds of families.