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Autorickshaw with built-in water kiosk wins hearts

VISAKHAPATNAM: With the sudden rise in temperature leaving people scouting for drinking water, this thirty-five-year-old auto driver from Akuvanipalem in Marripalem area is inspiring many with his unique and amazing innovation to beat the blistering heat.

Durga Prasad has converted his auto partially into a mobile water kiosk to quench the thirst of the people, mostly pedestrians and daily wage workers.

Durga Prasad said that he came up with the idea of the mobile water kiosk after he found passengers, mostly workers, finding it difficult to access drinking water on the outskirts of Gajuwaka and other areas.

This inspired him to convert the rear portion of his auto into a mobile water kiosk. Durga Prasad has installed two water cans by removing the twin seats for passengers.

“I am not worried about losing a few earnings as I’m unable to accommodate more passengers. It gives me immense satisfaction to meet the drinking water needs of the people in this scorching heat,” the 35-year-old said with glee.

“On average, 10 cans of drinking water are used daily. I am meeting the expenses with my auto ride earnings,’’ Durga Prasad said and added that passengers have been very cooperative. In fact, some of them have been adjusting to the regular seats.

The auto driver, who hails from Tagarapuvalasa, had shifted to Marripalem weaker sections colony. His parents were daily wage workers. His mother runs a flower shop to eke out a living after the demise of his father.

Durga Prasad said this is the first time he has set up a mobile water kiosk after he purchased the auto. However, he was discouraged by his fellow auto drivers.

“I will continue operating this water kiosk till schools reopen,’’ he asserted and added that he will keep it functional every summer.

“Since God has given me this golden opportunity, then why shouldn’t I serve the needy,” he wondered.