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Attempts to give communal colour to engineering girl student murder in Mysuru

Mysuru: Some of the netizens including a journalist and analyst tried to give communal colour to the engineering girl student murder in Mysuru.

It all started after an evening newspaper ‘Star of Mysore’ reported that a 21-year-old engineering girl student Apoorva Shetty was found murdered in a private hotel on Husur Road where she was reportedly staying with her boyfriend Ashik.

Soon after the news went viral on social media, some netizens started trying to give it a communal colour.

Sharing a photo collage of the girl and the boy, journalist Sagar Kumar of Sudarshan TV wrote, ‘Mera wala Abdul aisa nahi’(My Abdul is not like this).

Another Twitter user, ‘Ritu Rathaur’ wrote, ‘One thing is beyond my understanding, how does a well educated, nice looking Hindu girl fall for an ugly looking unemployed M guys?

Doctor falling for subziwala, MBA girl marrying autowalla,

Latest case from south. Look at the hindu girl &bhainsa looking M guy
Ye kya hai?’.

A political analyst wrote, ‘Mera wala Abdul aisa nahi. Kuch nahi hote hai, lakin adhiktar aise hote hai’(My Abdul is not like this. Except few most of them are like that).

However, the fact check by Alt News revealed that the name of the accused is Ashish and not Ashik. Devaraja Police Station also confirmed that both the accused and victim belong to the Hindu community.

The fact checker also spoke to the victim’s father who also confirmed that the accused belongs to the Hindu community.