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Apple prices in Hyderabad fall due to huge supply

Hyderabad: The prices of apples in the city have plummeted following huge arrivals to the markets from Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh this season.

On average, a good quality apple cost Rs 15 each and one gets a dozen of the fruit for Rs. 180 while the super quality apple cost Rs 18 each. The regular quality is sold for around Rs 10 each.

Compared to the previous years, the arrivals are more this time, said the secretary of Batasingaram Market, Ch. Narsimha Reddy. Every day around 20 to 25 trucks carrying apple loads have been arriving resulting in good availability of apples and subsequently leading to a drop in price.

“Since last week, the Kashmir variety apple arrivals started and the prices dropped significantly. The trend will continue until the next few days,” said Reddy.

A truck carries between 600 and 1,000 boxes of apples and the fruit to the city comes from Shimla, Kahaul-Spiti, Mandi, Kinnaur, Chamba and Kullu districts of Himachal Pradesh. This apart, the Kashmir variety grown is in all districts of the valley and is sourced by the local wholesale traders.

“This year the price is lesser by Rs 200 and Rs 400 per box. Since the arrivals are more, the price is less and the benefit automatically is passed on to the buyers. People will continue to get the advantage of the good supplies till the first week of December,” said Mohd Tajuddin, a commission agent at MJ Market.

Varieties like Kulu Delicious, Kinor, Jonthon, Maharaji, BalgariaTrel, Dodhi Ambri, Chari Ambri, Walayati Amberi and Mah Ambri are grown in the valley. In Himachal Pradesh the widely grown and quality apple varieties are Royal Delicious, Dark Baron Gala, Scarlet Spur, Red Velox and Golden Delicious.

The pricing is basically done after sorting out the fruit from the boxes. “The bigger variety is priced higher while the other ones are sold for a lesser price. However, the overall price of the fruit is less,” said Moinuddin, a fruit vendor at Afzalgunj.