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AP govt. gives new job charts to VROs and Village Surveyors

The Andhra Pradesh state government has given a new job chart to VROs and village surveyors. The Special Chief Secretary of the Revenue Department G. Saiprasad has issued two separate orders on the combined job chart for VROs working in village secretariats and ward revenue secretaries working in ward secretariats and for grade-1, 2 and 3 village surveyors.

It has been mentioned that they have to carry out disaster management duties like cyclones, floods, accidents, voter list updating, other election duties as directed by the government, revenue records mutation works, land re-survey activities, issuance of certificates like residence and nativity.

Within the limits of the village and ward secretariats, all the requests related to the revenue department have been examined and the actions taken have been directed to send reports to the respective departments. Also, they should carry out inspection of crops, inspection of survey stones, protection of public lands and properties, protection of roads, streets, public places from encroachment, collection of revenue cesses and taxes.

In the job chart, it has been stated that they should report the incidents of murders, suicides, unnatural deaths, disturbing the peace and security in the villages to Tehsildar and perform other tasks as directed by the Tahsildar, Collector, CCLA and the government from time to time.

While coming to Job Chart of Village Surveyors, they should receive and resolve offline petitions (boundary disputes, boundary-differences in area etc.) regarding permitted layouts from individuals and government bodies. Survey sub-division and related changes are their responsibility. Gram kanthas, complete street/town survey, new sub-division and amalgamation of old sub-division should be dealt with from time to time and included in the village records.

Reports are to be given on the matters referred by the officers of various departments along with all the requests received within the secretariats. The errors in the records should be corrected as per the instructions of the Competent Authority Officers.

Village surveyors should attend all inspections after informing the higher authorities and maintain the survey equipment and other items should be undertaken. The orders state that monthly tour diaries, progress statements and other prescribed information should be sent to the Survey Settlement Commissioner and carry out surveys with latest technology equipment like ETS, DGPS, CARS.