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AP demands all Telangana projects to be included in Godavari Management Board

Amravati: The Andhra Pradesh government on Monday demanded all projects from Telangana be brought under the control of the Godavari River Management Board (GRMB).

Officials from the two states held a discussion regarding the Peddavagu basin and other future projects deliberating over placing them under the GRMB’s control. Speaking at the meeting in Amravati, AP’s water resource department secretary, J Shyamla Rao put forth certain requirements of the state. He remarked, “The very purpose of GRMB’s formation would be defeated in case only Peddavagu is included in the list of the projects to be managed. Justice can be done to the two states through effective water management from the Godavari and approved projects only when all projects are monitored by the board”

Rao alleged that AP was not receiving its share of water from the Godavari since Telangana was diverting the water during the lean season. He expressed his concerns over the scarcity of water in the villages, stating, “AP is struggling to manage drinking water needs in several villages which are dependent on the Godavari due to illegal and unauthorized use by Telangana,” he further stressed that they have also objected to Telangana’s demand to bring Sileru project under GRMB control as it was not a joint project. “Sileru does not serve the interests of Telangana, hence there is no need to bring the project under GRMB control”

He sought clarity regarding the seed funding, stating that AP is not in a position to deposit funds and that it would ask for funds based on future expenditure.

Rao further demanded the Krishna river management board (KRMB) to bring all joint projects on Krishna, including Jurala, under its control.

However, Telangana expressed its concerns about the take over of Jurmala, stating that it wants the KRMB to take complete control of powerhouses on both sides to avoid illegal use of water from Srisailam.