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Andhra Pradesh turned into ‘Drugs and Ganja Pradesh’: BDP leader Swaraj Krishnan

VIJAYAWADA : Bahujan Democratic Party (BDP) Vice President of Andhra Pradesh Committee, D. Swaraj Krishnan has said that Andhra Pradesh, which is known as ‘Annapurna’ for being the rice bowl of the country, is now turning into ‘Drugs and Ganja Pradesh’.

D. Swaraj Krishnan said the people are worried over the present circumstances as serious allegations are being leveled against the ruling party leaders for their involvement in smuggling.

Krishnan said the recent seizure of heroin worth an estimated Rs 9,000 crore from Mundra Port in Gujarat by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and its links with Vijayawada is a matter of concern.

“However, the Andhra Pradesh police are simply denying any link to the State,” he said.