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Andhra Pradesh stands sixth in country in crimes against women

VISAKHAPATNAM: Andhra Pradesh stood sixth among States with a crime rate of 227.9 cases per one lakh population in the year 2019, while Haryana topped the list with 386.4 cases per lakh, according to the National Crime Records Bureau report released here on Wednesday.

There has been a drop in violent crimes in the State as against 2017. While 8,288 cases were reported in 2017, in 2018 the cases dropped to 8,211 and further slipped to 7,670 in 2019. There has been an increase in crime against women—17,746 cases were filed in 2019 as against 16,348 in 2018.

Of the total cases in 2019, 7,851 cases relate to domestic violence by husbands and his relatives, 1,086 rape cases (542 below 18 years and 542 above 18 years), 112 dowry deaths, 589 kidnap cases and three acid attacks. There has been a decrease in crime against children in 2019 when compared to the last two years.

The cases recorded in 2017 are 2,392, 2,652 in 2018 and 2,523 in 2019. With regard to violent crimes reported in 2019, the cases include 902 kidnap cases, 1,086 rape cases, 177 attempt to rape cases, robberies 310 and 473 arson cases.

The other cases are 518 abetment of suicide, 1,536 attempt to murder, seven culpable homicide, 345 attempt to suicide, 50 foeticide and abandonment of children cases, 4,444 cases of assault on women with intent to outrage their modesty.

AP stood ninth in the country with Odisha leading the table. With regard to assault on women, 2,396 cases were reported in 2019. Sexual harassment cases under Section 354A of Indian Penal Code (IPC), 891 cases were reported.

Harassment at workplace, 22 cases were reported, 35 cases were reported in public transport and 60 cases in shelter homes. Cases of disrobing of women 265, voyeurism 111 and 782 stalking cases. As many as 110 cases of political rioting were reported. In 2019, about 11,301 theft cases and 3,857 burglary cases were reported. Total kidnap and ransom cases were 902.

Of them kidnap for ransom were 15. One case of trafficking of girls to foreign countries and 36 human trafficking cases were reported. There was an increase in cases under SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act. The cases recorded in 2017 are 1,969, in 2018 the number of cases increased to 1,836 and in 2019 cases rose to 2,071. However, there was no increase in cases of atrocities against Scheduled tribes.

The cases recorded in the past three years were 341, 330, and 330, respectively. There has been an increase in crime against senior citizens. While in 2017 the number of cases recorded were 2,834 in 2019 the number has gone up to 3,430.

Cybercrime also reported an increase in the past three years. The cases in 2017 were 931, 1,207 in 2018 and 1,886 in 2019. Of them, ATM frauds are 68 online banking fraud 356 OTP frauds 108, others 167, cheating 347 and forgery 80.