Alex Hales releases health statement amid coronavirus rumours

England’s opening batsman Alex Hales on Tuesday (March 17, 2020) issued a statement on his social media platforms about his health condition amid the coronavirus outbreak around the globe. The statement comes after there were speculations and rumours that were circulating within the cricket world and on social media that he might have coronavirus after he travelled to Pakistan for the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Alex said in a statement, “In the light of the speculation and rumour that is currently circulating within the cricket world and on social media, I felt I needed to give a full explanation of my situation.”

Alex added, “Like many other overseas players, I reluctantly left the Pakistan Super League early because, with COVID-19 reaching global pandemic status, I felt it was more important to be with my family rather than face a period of lockdown thousands of miles from home.”

“I returned to the UK in the early hours of Saturday morning feeling perfectly fit and healthy and with absolutely no symptoms of the virus. However, I awoke early on Sunday morning having developed a fever and followed the government’s advice of self-isolation, a process I am obviously still following having developed a dry and persistent cough,” stated Alex.

England’s right hand-batsman added, “At this stage, it has not been possible to be tested although I am hopeful that might be the case later today so that I can get absolute confirmation of my current health status.”

According to the Microsoft Bing Novel Coronavirus cases data, the total number of coronavirus patients in the United Kingdom have touched 1,543 by Tuesday evening, with 55 fatalities.

While around 1,86,665 people have been tested positive globally.