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Additional Collector Sabawat Motilal inspects paddy procurement centre in Nagarkurnool

Nagarkurnool: Additional Collector (AC) Sabawat Motilal inspected the Desi Itikyala PSCE paddy procurement centre in Nagar Kurnool district on Tuesday. The AC during his inspection interacted with the farmers and tried to find out if they were facing any problems at the procurement centre.

The farmers on the occasion complained to the Additional Collector that the officials are delaying the paddy procurement because of which they are facing problems as their paddy stocked at the market yards is getting wet due to untimely rains.

To this, the AC assured the farmers not to get disheartened and the government is ready to buy the wet paddy. He said that not a single farmer should be disheartened that the government will buy wet grain due to the recent rains.

However, the AC advised the farmers to dry the wet grain and assured them that the government is taking all measures to ensure the farmers do not face any problems at the procurement centres.

“Government is taking all necessary measures to see that the farmers do not face any problems at grain purchasing centres. If any farmer is facing any kind of problems it must be brought to the attention of the concerned authorities immediately,” said the AC.

The AC also instructed the traders and millers to arrange adequate number of hamalis, enough number of gunny bags and at the same time ensure transportation facility is readily available so as to transport the weighed bags of grain to the rice mills immediately.

District Agriculture Officer Venkateshwar was asked about the reasons for the high amount of ‘Talu’rice grain. To this the officer explained that this season the paddy crops have faced crop infections like fire blight, early stem rot and recent rains have all caused ‘Tal’padddy grain. For every 100 kg of paddy 2 kgs of Talu is being witnessed.