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Acute coal crisis: ‘115 out of 135 power plants facing shortage in India’

New Delhi: Amid several states flagging coal shortage, the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) on Monday (October 11) released the latest status of stock in coal-fired power plants.

Based on CEA report, 115 out of 135 power plants in the country are facing scarcity of coal. As per CEA, till October 10, 115 power plants were found where the stock of coal is less than normal, while there is not even one-day stock of coal available in 17 power plants.

In 26 plants, only one-day supply is left, 2-day supply remains available in 22 power plants, 3 days in 18 and 4 days in 13 power plants. In 11 power plants of the country, there was a stock of 5 days of coal and in 8 power plants, 6 days of coal supply is left.

Notably, India’s coal-fired power plants have an average of 4 days supply of coal left hinting at a power crisis.

Have a look at the status of coal supply in northern India:

All 33 power plants built in North India are facing coal shortage. In 9 plants, there is no stock of coal available even for one day.

Only 1-day coal stock is left in 6 plants, 2 day supply in 7 and 3-day coal supply in 4 plants.


Haryana is facing dire shortage as no coal is available even for a single day in 4 out of 5 power plants, while 3 days coal supply is available in 1 power plant.

Uttar Pradesh

Similarly, UP is also facing an acute coal crisis, as out of 19 power plants in the state, 3 have no stock and one has 8 days supply left.


Out of 5 power plants built in Punjab, 1 power plant has no coal while 2 power plants have 2 days of coal left.


Out of the 5 power plants that supply electricity to Delhi, one is empty and one has a single day supply of coal available.

NTPC Dadri – 0 (no coal availabe)

Jhajjar (TPS) – 3 days

DVC (CTPS) -1 day

Meja -2 days

Singrauli – 6 days


Out of 4 power plants built in Rajasthan, one power plant has exhausted its coal supply and one has 5 days of coal supply left.