Aasara pension: 8 lakh applications received after decreasing age

Hyderabad: The Telangana State government had decreased the age for pension applicants to 57 years.

In the month of August and October, the state government had sought new applications for aasara pension after decreasing the age to 57 years.

Since the period from 2019 to August 2021, more than 1 lakh pension applications are pending. After decreasing the age, new applications were submitted in the months of August and October. Thus the total number of pension applications reached 29 lakh.

But the process of scrutiny has not yet started even after the passing of one month.

The government had announced the grant of pensions from the month of August. Only about 2500 people of 57 age were paid pension in Huzurabad.

Thousands of people are expecting to get pensions across the state. The concerned officials say that the process of scrutiny has been commenced and it will take another month to release the pension.