A one-trick horse with no policy on Kashmir or Pakistan

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It was a “one-trick horse” with no policy by the Narendra Modi Government either on Kashmir or Pakistan. There is no government and no policy regarding Kashmir or Pakistan or even the banks … What Indian Government has a one-trick horse that only knows how to divide the Hindus and Muslims of this country.

The Modi government as an event-oriented and election-oriented and that the focus was on organising events and winning elections with little heed to policy or governance. The surgical strike success against Pakistan is seen by the Opposition and within a section of the BJP including Arun Shourie as farzical or fake or strike.

The situation in Kashmir and Kashmir unrest, has been hurting the whole country and not just the Kashmiris and people should realise that fact. In fact all out action stance of Union Government on Kashmir is that it was there would be more aggressive target killings of individuals but stressed that it would not be wise to use the foolish force against the people to silence them.

There was no alternative to the talks and with everyone in the Valley including the Hurriyat.
If one says Hurriyat is being controlled by Pakistan, the subjects in India think that it is precisely the reason India must talk to them. India have to wean away the Hurriyat from Pakistan and talks are the only way to do it. So keep talking and keep talking to everyone.

The security agencies need to identify the emerging leadership in Hurriyat and engage them. The real problem with Kashmir and the northeast has been in the way the Centre has dealt with these states: India needs to engage a sub-contractor and tell them, India give and keep running the semblance of the government there.

The money is not reaching the common man on the ground. They are not getting the basic facilities of roads, water, hospitals, schools. Where is the money going? It means the officials and the politicians in these troubled states are cornering it.

The government of India needs know what Kashmiris are demanding greater autonomy and the Govt needs analyse as to what they meant by the term. What is autonomy? Be specific. In the light of example given above of the money not reaching the common people, India needs a greater supervision, not less of in the name of autonomy.

A lynching of a Muslim in the Indian mainland in the name of the cow was a thunderclap in Kashmir that has the effect of alienating the Kashmiris by forcing them to think of themselves as Muslims being persecuted by the Hindus.

By doing so, India is pushing the Kashmiris to think themselves as just Muslims, that too, of the Wahhabi kind, which they certainly are not. In fact, the Kashmiris celebrate their syncretic culture. Falling on history would make the forward movement difficult on the issue.

Demand of Independence by Kashmiries of the recently remarks made by Congress leader Saifuddin Soz that things were being wrongly attributed to him and that he knows for a fact that “azadi” was not an option. His contention was “Let’s leave the extremes and come to the middle and that small minds in the governments and the security apparatus have not let the Indian establishment embrace the Kashmiris or trust them”. And India can not lose the confidence of Kashmiriries at any costs.

“This needs to be seen from the light of the statement made by Congress leader Saifuddin that he narrated facts. I did some research for this and I am confident that this is a well-researched book,” India understands.

Let us win the hearts of Kashmiries, instead of taking revenge on the stole peltors.

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